About MadeleineMcCann.com

Madeleine and every other child needs everyone to join the search and help find the missing, abducted and trafficked. Please help, if it was your child then I am sure you would want every person to join with you?

This website is not connected in any way with the McCann family. Nor are any views on this website vetted or approved by the McCann family.

On 20th September 2019 the publishers of the book “Madeleine, Please Help Find Me” to be released in 2020, came across the private sale of this domain name. The author decided that since it was a top level .com domain name it had to be purchased to keep it from the hands of those that would make a mockery of an horrific situation that shocked the world. The author will ensure that MadeleineMcCann.com will only be used for the purposes of highlighting the URGENT need to make a continued search for Madeleine and all our missing children and adults throughout the world.

If you go to our website https://www.MissingInParis.com you will find resources and links to help find missing people throughout the world.

The official find Madeleine website can be found here: http://findmadeleine.com/home.html