Missing In Paris by Dave Smith

This story is based on factual events that occurred during September 2018. The search for a missing teenager in Paris. As the story unfolds you will witness the roller coaster ride of emotions of the searcher. Looking for a needle in a haystack that becomes a living hell. The book contains advice and resources to help search for a missing person. Including articles to help with your mental health. The author looks at hearing voices, drug use, abortion, divorce, marriage, religion, the education system and how these can affect your mental health. The authors God dilemma is discussed as religion played a dysfunctional role in the mind of the missing teenager. The book outlines and discusses ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and asks you to complete an ACE survey. The author has adapted the ACE study to reflect the Trauma and Toxic Stress that a person has endured via direct conflict or via the DNA of parents who were effected by conflict in their own country. (For example the troubles in Northern Ireland and other similar instances around the world). The ACE Missing In Paris adaption includes questions on how religion and education has played an important role in the upbringing of your child and the adversity that came with that.